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Voting Day!


I never dreamed of living such day. Everyone I know is so excited, even though we are not all voting for the same candidate.  My brother is telling me about how he is voting in Italy. My friends in London are voting from there too. Yet I am also remembering those who died and thinking about their families and mourning mothers – was it worth it? I think it was – especially after I have seen the look on the faces of my fellow citizen voting. They all look so very happy as they proudly smudge their fingers in the phosphoric ink and have their pictures taken with their children in front of the ballots.

There are two schools near where I live that are being used for voting and I can see hundreds of people cheering and celebrating as they go in and out – people of all ages and classes. They are all smiling even though the votes are scattered between the top five candidates and we are sure that there will be a run off but we are still happy just because we are able to participate and have our say. I just wish that the results will be respected so that we can carry on with our transition.