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First Annual Atkin Conference [Documents & Downloads]



1. Moving Beyond the Stalemate? Prospects for Peace in the Middle East – Programme of the Conference. Download ↓ [PDF]

Audio Clips

1. Keynote Address: Marc Otte, European Union Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process – Introduced by Oday Abukaresh, Atkin Fellow . Download ↓ [MP3]

2. Israeli Perspectives: Dr. Ahron Bregman, H.E. Ron Prosor, Dr. Ely Karmon, Dr. Ron Pundak – Chaired by Sefi Kedmi, Atkin Fellow. Download ↓ [MP3]

3. Arab and Palestinian Perspectives: Yasar Qatarneh, Dr. Ezzedine Choukri, Dr. Sabri Saidam – Chaired by Amal Abusrour, Atkin Fellow . Download ↓ [MP3]