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ICSR Event: Al Qaeda, Mexican Drug Wars, and Mario Puzo’s The Godfather: Economic Perspectives on Substate Violence


Speaker: Professor Gary M. Shiffman, Center for Security Studies, Georgetown University.

Dr Shiffman conducts research at Georgetown’s McDonough School of Business and the Department of Homeland Security-Sponsored National Center for Risk & Economic Analysis of Terrorism Events (CREATE) at the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering. He focuses on understanding institutions and individuals engaged in the non-random production of violence, and then on creating innovative ways to undermine these activities and networks.

In 2012 Dr Shiffman founded Giant Oak to meet the demand for social science-driven innovations in “big data” environments among institutions countering organized crime, money laundering, trafficking, insurgency, and terrorism. He was previously Managing Director at the Chertoff Group and Chief of Staff for Customs and Border Protection.

Dr Shiffman’s publications include Economic Instruments of Security Policy, 2nd ed., 2010. He received his PhD in Economics from George Mason University and his MA in Security Studies from Georgetown University.

Moderated by: Shiraz Maher, Senior Research Fellow, ICSR

When: Thursday, 10 October, 12pm

For more information or if you would like to attend please email mail@icsr.info