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ICSR Event: Arts and Expression in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, 23 June


Two paper presentations by:

· Amnon Liebermann, Israeli Atkin Fellow As a member of Israel-Beytenu since 2008, he has served as Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister for Agriculture, prior to that he worked with the Minister for Tourism. Amnon immigrated to Israel, from the Former Soviet Union, at the age of 16. After graduating from a religious school, he joined Tel Aviv University and completed a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. He has just concluded his MA in Legal Studies from Bar Ilan University.

· Jana Boulus, Palestinian Atkin Fellow Her last position was with Adalah, The Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel. Jana has also worked in the Video Department of B’Tselem, the Israel/Palestine Office of Human Rights Watch and at Seeds of Peace. Born and raised in East Jerusalem, she obtained her BA from Haifa University with a double degree in English Literature and General Fine Arts and her MSc from the University of Edinburgh in English Literature and Modernity.

As the issue of LGBT rights is now very much mainstream in Israeli discourse, Amnon has focused his research on this. Specifically how once right wing parties adopt this to their agenda their positions on the Israel-Palestine issue soften too.

As a Palestinian artist Jana has first-hand experience of the art that is being produced by other female Palestinian artists. In her paper she has chosen to acknowledge the artistic ways some of these women are resisting the Israeli occupation and using it to push through the boundaries of a Palestinian patriarchal society.

When: Tuesday, 23 June

To RSVP and for more information, contact Katie Rothman on katie.rothman@icsr.info