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ICSR in the News


Berlin attack: ISIS claims it inspired truck assault at market

CNN (22 December 2016)


Why German surveillance failed to stop the Berlin attack suspect

PBS News (22 December 2016)


Ordered Deported, Berlin Suspect Slipped Through Germany’s Fingers

New York Times (22 December 2016)


Berlin Truck Suspect Anis Amri’s Journey From Troubled Teen to Alleged Terrorist

NBC News (22 December 2016)


The UK is at high risk of a terror attack – but how has it avoided one so far?

The Guardian (22 December 2016)

Google Think Tank Launches New Weapon in Fight Against ISIS

NBC News (17 November 2016)


Islamic State launches ‘unprecedented’ wave of suicide bombers to try to defend Mosul

The Telegraph (5 November 2016)


With Mosul Under Siege, ISIS Leader Breaks Silence to Issue a Rallying Cry

New York Times (3 November 2016)


German Terrorism Case Highlights Europe’s Security Challenges

New York Times (25 October 2016)


ISIS Attack in Kirkuk Is Reality Check Amid Mosul Offensive

NBC News (21 October 2016)


Social media: Challenging the jihadi narrative

Financial Times (17 October 2016)


UK Report Warns of Criminals Becoming Terrorists

New York Times (13 October 2016)


The thin line between Europe’s criminals and militants

Washington Post (12 October 2016)


If ISIS falls, where will its fighters flee?

PBS Newshour (13 October 2016)


ISIS Recruits Criminals to Carry Out Attacks in Europe, Report Finds

NPR All Things Considered (14 October 2016)


ISIS in Europe: ‘Complete Connect’ between jihadi and criminal circles across continent

Newsweek (10 October 2016)


Isis recruiting violent criminals and gang members across Europe in dangerous new ‘crime-terror nexus’

Independent (10 October 2016)


UK ‘facing wave of jihadi terror even worse than attacks in Paris’

Evening Standard (8 October 2016)


Caliphate in Peril, More ISIS Fighters May Take Mayhem to Europe

New York Times (19 September 2016)


Islamic State’s most important leader is dead – what will happen now?

New Statesman (12 September 2016)


Flow of foreign fighters plummets as Islamic State loses its edge

Washington Post (9 September 2016)


ISIL’s Abu Mohamed al-Adnani ‘dead in Syria’s Aleppo’

Al Jazeera (31 August 2016)


Facebook, Google and Twitter Must Join ISIS Fight, U.K. Lawmakers Say

Wall Street Journal (24 August 2016)


Social media giants ‘failing’ on extremism – MPs

BBC News (24 August 2016)


It would be a mistake to segregate Islamist terrorists in prisons

Independent (20 August 2016)


The Intellectual Roots of ISIS

Wall Street Journal (15 August 2016)