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ICSR Report Launch – Cubs in the Lions’ Den: Indoctrination and Recruitment of Children Within Islamic State Territory


Where: King’s College London

When: Thursday July 5th, 5pm

From 2014-2017 Islamic State (IS) extensively indoctrinated and recruited thousands of children to become its future fighters and the new generation of its ‘Caliphate’ project. The radicalisation and recruitment of foreign fighters (including minors) through online propaganda and social media platforms has been well documented; yet little is known of the processes and initial points of influence for young recruits within IS’ former territorial borders.

This event launched a new report by ICSR Research Fellow Gina Vale. Based on official and unofficial IS propaganda, this report seeks to fill the theoretical and analytical gaps in local recruitment of children under IS control in Iraq and Syria, proposing six ‘pathways of influence’ and offering recommendations for counter-narrative efforts.