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Dina Awartani

Dina Awartani was the Spring 2016 Atkin Fellow

Dina is an agnostic feminist Palestinian citizen from Anabta, West Bank. Dina holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Business from Birzeit University. During her high school years she worked at Alpha International, based in Ramallah which specializes in statistics and research – becoming a manager in the market research section. In 2013 Dina worked in an outsourcing tel-communication company, Reachout Wireless. Dina has been practising Martial Arts for the last 8 years, first Karate and now Kick Boxing and Jujitsu.

Currently, Dina has been working on projects that involve the development of third world countries. Dina’s experiences within oppressive regimes of occupation and patriarchy, as well as her interest in Martial Arts have been the engine behind her interest in planning to create an NGO that deals with such issues.