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Dr. Dounia Mahlouly – VOX-Pol Research Fellow

Dr. Dounia Mahlouly is a Research Associate at ICSR as part of the VOX-Pol Network of Excellence. She completed her PhD at the University of Glasgow, College of Social and Political Sciences, investigating the role of social media campaigning in the constitutional and presidential debates in post-revolutionary Tunisia and Egypt. Her thesis discusses the process through which different political groups incorporated participative media as part of their campaigning strategy and assesses to what extent such tools might contribute to consolidate a sustainable ideological message. She conducted an ethnographic fieldwork in affiliation with the American University in Cairo and contributed to a cross-country comparative case study hosted by the Adam Smith Research Foundation co-funded by Google and the ESRC. Dr. Mahlouly’s research interests focus on the study of social media campaigning, cyber-terrorism and digital media usage in relation to the debate between secularism and political Islam.


Select Publications:

Shura or Democracy: Debating online over the 2012 constitutional referendum in post-revolutionary Egypt, In: ESSACHESS – Journal of Communication Studies, Proceedings of the 3rd International ComSymbol Conference.November 9-10, 2016


(2014) Rational Criticism, Ideological Sustainability and Intellectual Leadership in the Digital Public Sphere, International Journal of E-Politics, 5(1): 78-90.


(2013) Rethinking the Public Sphere in a Digital Environment: Similarities between the Eighteenth and the Twenty-First Centuries, ESharp, 20(6) : 1-21


Egypt and the Symptoms of a Global Revolution: Alternative Politics. In: Voter Ecology project. Internet Search and Elections in Established and Challenged Democracies. 7 Jan 2014. Available from: https://voterecology.wordpress.com/2014/01/07/egypt-and-the-symptoms-of-a-global- revolution/


Mahlouly, D. Context, context, context! In: Voter Ecology project. Internet Search and Elections in Established and Challenged Democracies. 18 Feb 2014. Available from: https://voterecology.wordpress.com/2014/02/18/context-context-context/.


Trevisan, F., Hoskins, A., Oates, S. and Mahlouly, D. (forthcoming) Mapping the ‘Search Agenda:’ A citizen-centric approach to electoral information flows. In: (Mis)understanding Political Participation, ECREA edited volume. Paper presented at the 2013 ECREA Conference, October 11-12.