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John Holland-McCowan – Research Fellow

John Holland-McCowan is a Research Fellow at ICSR. He is currently researching to what degree scholarly understandings of insurgencies can account for ISIS’s and the Syrian Kurds’ rival campaigns from mid 2014 to mid 2017. He is a PhD candidate at King’s College London, holds an MA in Terrorism, Security, and Society from King’s College London, as well as a BA in Government and Archeology from Harvard College.

Policy Reports:

  • ‘War of Shadows: How Turkey’s Conflict with the PKK Shapes the Syrian Civil War and Iraqi Kurdistan’ (London: ICSR, 2017); available here.
  • ‘Caliphate in Decline: An Estimate of Islamic State’s Financial Fortunes’ (London: ICSR, 2017) (with Peter Neumann, Rajan Basra, and Stefan Heißner); available here.

ICSR Insights:

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