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Amnon Liebermann

Amnon Liebermann was the Spring 2015 Atkin Fellow

For the past 15 years Amnon has been involved in Middle-East issues in various capacities and positions within the Israeli Government, academy and private market.

Born and raised in the former Soviet Union, Amnon immigrated to Israel at the age of 16 by himself in the framework of the “Naale” youth program, leaving his family behind in Russia. After graduating from a religious school, Amnon began his academic career by joining the BA program for the Middle Eastern Studies in the Tel-Aviv University, where he served as a research assistant in Dayan Center specializing in EU-ME relations for two years. During his studies Amnon was elected as Vice President of the student’s council and executive board member of the student union of the university. Amnon is currently concluding his  MA degree in legal studies from Bar Ilan university.

Amnon has over 10 years of experience in elite PR firms in israel, and headed his own consulting company specializing in media relations, advertisement and regulatory affairs.In 2008 Amnon joined “Israel-Beytenu”, the leading party for Russian immigrants and served as Communications Director and Professional Advisor to the Minister of Tourism and to the Minister of Agriculture.

Parallel to his professional career, Amnon has pursued a path of volunteering and advocating for LGBT rights in Israel, and has taken leading position in the LGBT movement in Israel as its spokesperson and member of the executive board.

As the issue of LGBT rights is now very much mainstream in Israeli discourse, Amnon focused his Atkin Fellowship research on this. Specifically how once right wing parties adopt this to their agenda their positions on the Israel-Palestine issue soften too. To read Amnon’s paper please click here.