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Dawoud Zahran

Dawoud Zahran was the Autumn 2015 Palestinian Atkin Fellow at ICSR

While being a resident of Ramallah, Dawoud is a junior Bachelor student at Tel Aviv University majoring in Middle Eastern Studies, minoring in Israel and Jewish Studies. In the past few years, despite his young age, he has been an effective member of multiple institutions in Palestine and internationally, among them, Amideast and the Moshe Dayan Center. Additionally, Dawoud has been part of multiple leadership and development summits around the world, and continues to contribute to youth development through various Palestinian and international organizations. Within his passion for community development, and through obtaining a series of highly competitive scholarships and grants in the past four years from more than eleven different institutions around the world, Dawoud has continued to develop his political, organizational, and historical knowledge with two set goals in mind: to continue developing himself, and to develop specific sectors within Palestine in the near future.