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Dr Ahmed Al-Hamli – TRENDS Research and Advisory

Dr Ahmed Al-Hamli is the President of TRENDS Research and Advisory

TRENDS Research & Advisory is an independent and progressive research center, based in Abu Dhabi – UAE, building a global network of research associates. TRENDS aims to help improve policies and decision-making processes through rigorous research and analysis.

TRENDS explores beyond-news-agendas and delves into the underlying variables influencing policy-makers to predict future opportunities and challenges, through their network of international experts.

Their analysis, which serves as a primary resource for leaders and policy-makers in governments and organizations, covers vital global, regional and country-specific matters. Their experts work to create innovative solutions to confront crucial regional and international trajectories by analyzing and advancing trends.

TRENDS vision is to serve as the most reliable and accurate source in the region for governments and organizations. They aim to serve as a leading institute for future studies in the region and to be regarded as an important contributor to the development of innovative solutions worldwide.