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Mohammed Abdalfatah

Mohammed Abdalfatah was the Spring 2014 Atkin Fellow

Mohammed currently serves as the Director of International Cooperation at the City of Gaza. He is responsible for establishing and promoting relations between Gaza City and foreign cities and maintaining an extensive range of contacts with donor agencies and international organizations. Mohammed was previously a Desk Officer at the Eastern European Department at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, focusing on relations between the Palestinian Authority and Central and Eastern Europe.

Working for extended time in the field of international cooperation in Gaza, within a local context, has given him experience of the impact of the conflict on people’s daily lives during different political realities. Gaza has always experienced abnormal situations and circumstances. The policy of restrictions and security measures imposed by neighbours has not proven to be the best solution. Whilst Mohammed is in London his research will try to address this issue and suggest approaches for Gaza to be more than just a security file for its neighbours.

Mohammed holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management of Local Development from the International Training Centre, International Labour Organization in Turin and earned his B.A in German Language and Literature from Ain Shams University in Cairo, Egypt.

Through his firsthand experience of the abnormal situation that the people of Gaza have faced under different political realities, Mohammed’s paper addresses these issues so that a more workable policy can be created to deal with the Gaza Strip. So that its population are able to reach their full potential and be an asset to the region, rather than a security problem. To read his paper please click here.