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Nieme Ayoub

Nieme Ayoub is the Autumn 2015 Atkin Fellow at ICSR

Nieme is an Arab Israeli citizen from Nazareth who holds a bachelor’s degree in Business and Economics from Tel Aviv University. Nieme worked as the head of the Arab sector at the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI), the representative body of all industrial sectors in Israel. His role was centred on supporting Arab manufacturers through their ongoing challenges and promoting the integration of the Arab sector within the Israeli economy. He initiated business collaborations between Arabs and Jewish businesses, and established connections between Arab academics looking for jobs and Jewish manufacturers, working on improving the Arab sector conditions.

A year ago, he founded a public committee that consisted of 15 Arab and Jewish leading manufacturers to build together strategies to promote the integration of the Arab sector into the Israeli economy through entrepreneurship, education, and economic prosperity. Throughout his career he has been an active member of a variety of organizations that promote equal employment and educational opportunities. Among those organizations were Unistream and Kav Mashve.

In the past, Nieme established a student’s discount card. The Joyme card provided discounts to students at a variety of businesses in Israel. Both Jewish and Arab owned establishments were included and it was a huge success among Jewish and Arab students and businesses. Through this experience, he affirmed his beliefs that developing mutually beneficial business partnerships is a successful method towards cooperation between all parties.

Currently, and for the past six years, he’s been working at Farfesh.com, a family business and one of the leading websites in the Arab world. This website started as an Arab Israeli local site and he saw an opportunity for it to be expanded internationally to other Arab countries over the world.

His experience, beliefs, and vision as an Arab Israeli citizen has made him determined that something must be done to change the political situation. They have led him to realize the importance of exploring the idea of promoting peace between Israel and Palestine through economic growth and business ties. Nieme believes that in the long run, it is economics that determines the fates of nations and it is economics that determines the way in which nations interact.