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Adam Pines


Adam Pines was the Spring 2010 Atkin Fellow at ICSR.

In his ICSR paper Adam examined the polarising role which mainstream local media has played in Israeli society in recent years and the consequences for the prospects of resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Outlined is a proposal for a new-media mechanism aimed at increasing cohesion in Israel – a precursor for returning to the peace process. To read his paper please click here.

Adam is a dual Israeli and American national living in Tel Aviv.  A professional journalist with ten years experience covering the Middle-East, he worked for Al Jazeera English as Jerusalem Bureau Producer and was routinely deployed for international coverage.  Adam received his Bachelors Degree (B.A) in English Literature and Psychoanalysis from Tel Aviv University. His research focused on the polarising role of mainstream local media and new-media mechanisms for building consensus. Adam has just graduated from Harvard Business School. He is currently Senior Director, Programming and Growth, AOL.com at AOL.