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Agam Rafaeli

Agam Rafaeli was the Autumn 2014 Atkin Fellow at ICSR.

Agam Rafaeli is an Israeli hi-tech entrepreneur focused on fostering relationships between Israel and the Arab world through business ventures.
Upon completing five years of military service, Agam decided to link his passion for software engineering with his Israeli-Palestinian dialogue background and opted for a job in the Palestinian hi-tech market. During this quest he found the huge divide between the Israeli hi-tech sector and the Arab world. For this reason he chose to study computer science and middle eastern studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Agam’s work at ICSR followed on from this. To read his research paper please click here.
During his undergraduate studies Agam founded CodeM3lim.com, an Arabic online school for coding. CodeM3lim was seen by thousands of prospective students from Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. While managing CodeM3lim Agam recruited and managed a mixed team of Israelis and Palestinians.
Aside from his work in the business world Agam is a member of the Israeli Labor Party’s steering committee and serves as a consultant to the Jerusalem municipality on entrepreneurship development. Agam is also an organiser of the Israeli Juggling Convention, the second largest convention of its kind in the world, and an AMENDS fellow.