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Amal Abusrour


Amal Abusrour was the Autumn 2008 Atkin Fellow at ICSR. 

In her paper Palestinian Civil Society: A time for action Amal conceived of a new role for civil society in the Palestinian state, directly challenging government structures to provide good governance, peace-building, and strong independent statehood.

Amal completed a BA in Social Science from Al Quds University, an MA in Politics and International Studies from the University of Leeds and completed a one year non-degree program in public policy and public administration at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. She has been a member of the Young Political Leaders group, which is a joint Palestinian Israeli group since 2003. She worked for the Reform Program at the Palestinian Prime Minister Office for two years, before Hamas electoral victory in 2006. Currently she is a civil society activist and works for a local NGOs in Palestine.