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Amany Soliman


Amany Soliman was the Spring 2011 Atkin Fellow at ICSR. 

Amany’s research at ICSR looked at the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership. Her paper highlights the fact that despite the economic cooperation that is encouraged by the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, prosperity is unlikely without progress at the political-diplomatic level. To read her paper please click here.

Amany Soliman has a PhD and an MA in the political and social history of the Mediterranean from the Mediterranean Studies Institute at Alexandria University, and a BA in the Sociology of Media and Mass Communication from the faculty of Arts at Alexandria University.

Amany’s research area is the ethnic disputes and Nationalist movements of the Mediterranean and her PhD thesis was dedicated to researching the Nationalist movements of Catalonia and Basque in Spain during the twentieth century.

She has been involved with Egyptian and Arab civil society NGOs and initiatives that work to empower youth and women for political participation and social equality in the Arab World. Among the initiatives and institutes she has been involved with are the Library of Alexandria, UNESCO, UNV, Youth Employment Summit, African youth Parliament, Mediterranean and European Social Forum, TakingITGlobal, North-south institute of the Council of Europe and Cultura de Paz.