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Dareen Khalifa


Dareen Khalifa was an Autumn 2012 Atkin Fellow at ICSR. 

Dareen holds a Master of Arts in Human Rights from University College London, and a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Cairo University. Her research at ICSR makes the case for re-examining and altering the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty in light of the recent popular uprising in Egypt and the political changes that are currently sweeping across the region. To read her paper please click here.

Dareen is currently working for Adam Smith International as an Area Manager focused on Syria. Before this she was based in Turkey  working for the Democracy Council. Prior to this she was working as an Egyptian Consultant for Amnesty International in London.  In Egypt she worked on human rights education and advocacy with the National Council for Human Rights, in addition to a number of nongovernmental human rights organisations. In this capacity her work was focused on women’s rights, labour rights, and freedom of belief and expression.

Dareen has also worked as a freelance Researcher and as a Consultant for a number of civil society organisations and think tanks in Egypt.

Additionally, Dareen worked as a Fellow at Human Rights First in Washington DC.
She has contributed to several human rights reports, including The Global Integrity Anti-Corruption report on Egypt, For a Nation without Torture, and the Verité International Annual Report on Labour Rights in Egypt.