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Lior Finkel Perl

Lior Finkel Perl


Lior Finkel Perl was the Autumn 2011 Atkin Fellow at ICSR.

Lior Finkel-Perl is currently the CEO of the Israeli Civic Leadership Association (ICLA), a nonpartisan organization supporting all nonprofit organizations in Israel. ICLA strives to enhance awareness of the importance of the civil society and third sector to society, and lobbies extensively to attain this goal, both in government and Knesset and with the public at large.

Lior Served as the Executive Director of the Peace NGO Forum, as well as the Deputy Director General at SID Israel (Society of International Development, Israel branch).

Lior also served as the Parliamentarian and Political advisor to Knesset member Ilan Gilon, and Prior to that was a registered Lobbyist and Government Relations advisor, for Social causes.

Lior holds a BA degree in Business Administration and Marketing from the Ruppin Academic Center and a Master’s degree in Public Policy, focusing on Conflict Resolution and Mediation, from the Tel-Aviv University.

She is an Atkin Research Fellow at King’s College London, and her research focused on the role of women in peace negotiations.