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Manar Faraj

Manar Faraj was the Autumn 2014 Atkin Fellow at ICSR.

Manar Faraj is from the Dhiesheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem, Palestine. She is currently a PhD candidate at Jena Univserity. Manar‘s PhD focuses on Palestinian Refugee’s identity. she has done a lot of research on a huge range of issues surounding the Palestinian-Israeli conflict:
– the Rwanda conflict (Kigali,2013)
– Auschwitz and the Palestinian refugee camps (Poland,2014)
– the South Africa Truth Commission  Durban, 2001)
– Egyptian-Palestinian relations and the Arab Peace Initiatives, (Cairo  2014)
– The Academic Freedom under the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,  and many more.
She has written about the second Intifada in a book called Letters From Palestine.
Manar was a teacher at Bard college and Abu Dies University where she taught courses on conflict resolution and political science. Currently Manar is a project manager for different development projects.
Whilst at ICSR Manar focused on female Palestinian  refugees and their identity in Lebanon. To read her paper please click here.