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Manar Rachwani


Manar Rachwani was the Autumn 2009 Atkin Fellow at ICSR.

In his paper Making Peace Work: Bridging The Gap Between Hopes and Deeds, Manar addressed what seems to be a paradox within Arab attitudes towards peace with Israel, represented in announced desires for peace combined with contradictable deeds on the ground.

He holds a Masters degree in Political Science from Al al Bayt University of Jordan (1999), and B.A in Law from the University of Jordan (1995). In addition to his work as a researcher, Manar worked as Managing Editor of Art and Culture at Al Ghad Daily Newspaper based in Jordan, and Director of the Research Department at Al Arab Daily Newspaper based in Qatar. Manar’s areas of interest include Democracy, Human Rights, and Economic Reform. In addition to his articles in Arabic newspapers, he has published several studies on various issues in the Arab World, including, among others, “Structural Adjustment Policies and Political Stability in Jordan”; “Particularity Creation and Human Rights in the Arab World” and “Economic Reform and Democratization in the Arab World”.