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Jihadist Media Strategy

ICSR is carrying out an expansive study of the ways in which contemporary jihadist organisations communicate with their target audiences, including adversaries, civilians living under their control, and potential sympathisers in Western countries.

As part of this project, ICSR researchers are also studying how jihadist communications circulate on social media platforms – both mainstream and emerging – despite attempts at censorship.

One of the aims of this research stream is to inform and assist efforts to meaningfully counter jihadist strategic communications online and offline.

In February 2017, ICSR published the report ‘Media Jihad: The Islamic State’s Doctrine for Information Warfare’ by Senior Research Fellow Charlie Winter. It is available here.

This research stream is an evolution of ICSR’s ground-breaking 2009 study on online radicalisation – the first systematic effort to bring together industry, experts and government on the issue of online radicalisation. The resulting report, ‘Countering Online Radicalisation: A Strategy for Action’, is available here.