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A Perfect Timing?

A Perfect Timing?
26th June 2009 ICSR Team
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Those of you who read my previous post (“The Probability of an Israeli Strike against Iran’s Nuclear Facilities is Now Lower than Low – Or is it Not?“), will remember that according to Mossad Chief Meir Dagan, “the Iranians will have a bomb to launch by 2014”.

Now listen to this: according to a new report, Israel and the US have finally agreed to sign “in the coming weeks” a contract whereby the Israelis would purchase 25 F-35As to be delivered to them in 2014.

These sophisticated aeroplanes could enable the Israeli Air Force to strike, quite effectively, at the Iranian nuclear facilitates. Interesting, isn’t it? Iranian bomb to be ready (according to Mossad) by 2014; F-35As aeroplanes to be delivered to Israel in 2014.

But isn’t it a bit too late for the Israelis? Well, perhaps not. I assume that the Israelis could always postpone (as they did in the past) the date they believe Iran would be ready with a bomb, and also trust the Iranians not to be ready on time due technical problems which always occur in such ambitious projects.

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