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15 Ideas to Fix the Middle East

15 Ideas to Fix the Middle East
26th August 2009 ICSR Team
In FREErad!cals

You may have heard about the great Atkin conference on Middle East peace we hosted in July.


ICSR brought together experts and policymakers from across the region to work out ways in which to move the situation forward.

The result is a booklet with 15 ideas on ‘how to fix the Middle East’. They are snapshots of the discussions and the debate that took place at the conference.

They don’t amount to a comprehensive peace plan, nor are they all complementary. But they really provide an excellent overview of the issues that have to be addressed.

And they show that positive action is possible, no matter how fraught the situation appears to be.

Now that President Obama seems to be moving the process forward, it is precisely this kind of creative thinking and debate that’s needed now more than ever.

Have a look at the various ideas… tell us which ones you like most… and contribute your own!!

Let’s see if we can get 15 MORE ideas on how to fix the Middle East from the Free Radicals’ blog… 😉

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