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To all my readers, friends and colleagues …

To all my readers, friends and colleagues …
12th February 2010 ICSR Team
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I am retiring …
This is to announce that I’m retiring. The reason for that is the translation into Chinese of my A History of Israel and its publication in China.
I strongly believe that A History of Israel, which the Chinese titled The History of Israel, by which they probably mean that this, in their view, is the definitive history of Israel, will sell well in China.
I have just Googled “population of China” and I can tell you that it stands at a number which I can’t really read: 1,330,044,605.
I’m not an idiot and I do acknowledge that some Chinese (particularly in small villages) are unlikely to buy my book. But even if, say, 10 per cent of the total Chinese population does purchase this masterpiece, at its current paperback price of 35 Yuan 元 (which is £3.15), then I’m still financially safe and can afford an early retirement.
My readers and admirers are asked to please email me their thoughts on the follwing: 1. destinations to which I could retire. 2. Books I should carry with me should what is proposed above is an isolated place (say, an island); but please no Bible, nor books on the Middle East.
Thank you.

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