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Atkin Fellows Present Final Research Papers

Atkin Fellows Present Final Research Papers
27th January 2011 ICSR Team
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  •      Gil Murciano (Atkin Fellow, Israel)

  •      Muna Dajani (Atkin Fellow, Palestine)

Muna’s paper explores a new conflict resolution tool involving environmental peace building. It discusses the possibility of creating a peace park in the disputed area of the Golan Heights, while highlighting Israeli and Syrian concerns over water resource control and territorial sovereignty.
Gil’s paper will look at the role of national honour on Israel’s leadership and strategic decision making during the Second Lebanon War. It will also consider Israel’s need to inflict  ‘counter-humiliation’ on Hezbollah during this period.
Moderated by: Dr John Bew, Co-Director ICSR
Friday, 28, January 2011 1 – 2 pm
For more information, please call Katie Rothman on 020 7848 2065 or email

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