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ICSR BLOG SERIES Part 1: Atkin Fellow Perspectives on the Arab Spring

ICSR BLOG SERIES Part 1: Atkin Fellow Perspectives on the Arab Spring
6th June 2011 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

As a Palestinian woman I have always found myself being among the silent majority. Another group – The Youth has previously also chosen to stay in the shadows, despite the fact that they have both the charisma and skills to be potential leaders at both the political and social levels. There was always a need for an institutionalised entity that accepts and values people regardless of their differences.  The Atkin Fellowship provides a chance for people to think outside the box and encourage them to put their fear away as they will not be judged for their differences. It paves the way towards the Arab Spring.
Through my research I learned that it is time for the silent majority to have a say. It is time for the youth to voice their needs and worries. This majority should not stay in the shadow as their parents did. It is time for democracy and freedom to prevail. These were dreams that I was hoping to come true. Socio-political change was always a dream of youth, which has kept a “low profile” for so long. Their belief in their ability to create change was always hampered by an extensive and firm political fist. But people’s will has now shown itself to be stronger than any iron fist. Spring is on the horizon!

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