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A recommendation….

A recommendation….
15th August 2011 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

I have just finished watching a film and was so struck by it that I wanted to extend a recommendation.
The film is Miral, it was directed by Julian Schnabel and written by Rula Jebreal. It is the story of the radicalisation of Palestinians and a study of how the events from 1948 onwards have affected the character of the Palestinian people. It is beautiful, haunting and illuminating and I urge you all to try and see it.
Like most art, it presents only one version of the ‘truth’, but in portraying this singular world view it is honest and uncompromising (and very worthwhile).
Often we get lost in fighting for what is right – and how the other is wrong – and fail to pause, to observe and comprehend the entirety of the other’s experience. I found this a moving glimpse into a perspective which I know but am only rarely able to insert myself into. One perspective in the multitude that line the Arab-Israeli conflict.