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News Summary: August 19-26

News Summary: August 19-26
26th August 2011 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

A second truce between militants in Gaza and Israel has been signed after the first one was broken two days after the first treaty was signed. Troubles started late last week when Israeli targets were attacked in the Sinai late which resulted in the deaths of 8 Israeli nationals. Five members of the Egyptian army were killed as Israeli security forces hunted down suspected militants, which has led to an escalation of tensions between the two countries. Egyptians have taken to the streets today to protest outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo. Meanwhile Israel has given the green light to thedeployment of thousands of Egyptian soldiers to the Sinai region to increase security.
Pressure has yet again stepped against President Bashar Al Assad as leaders in the West united to call for his removal at the beginning of the week. Sanctions have also been stepped up as the regime continues to use military means against protesters. Two of the biggest stories to come out in the late this week is the attack on Syria’s famous cartoonist, Ali Ferzat, by state security forces, meanwhile, the UN has reported that over 2,200 people have died since the crackdown began.
Social protests continue across Israel as some activists are now taking to squatting in government owned buildings.  The recent unrest in the Sinai and rockets being fired from Gaza has done little to quell support for the protests.

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