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Without women, there is no security

Without women, there is no security
4th January 2012 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

This is the title of a new campaign about to be launched in Israel by a group of women organizations. As if in a direct line with the conclusion of my research that looks at the role of woman in peace negotiations, emerges a project that confirms everything that I thought. There are not enough women involved in security issues in Israel. This innovative campaign is based on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325.

“Without women, there is no security”

On October 31st 2000, the United Nations adopted Resolution 1325 – a resolution concerning women, peace and security. This revolutionary, unique, formal and legal document called for the adoption of gender perspective. Resolution 1325 acknowledged the changing nature of warfare and peace building – realms in which women continue to be excluded. SCR 1325 addresses not only the impact of war on women, but also the role that women should have in conflict management, conflict resolution and sustainable peace. Resolution 1325 calls for increased participation of women at all levels of decision-making including in national, regional, and international institutions, in mechanisms for the prevention, management and resolution of conflict, in peace negotiations and in peace operations.

On July 20th 2005, the Knesset passed legislation concerning The Equality for Women’s Rights. It declared that appropriate representation of women from diverse population sectors must be included on every governmental team or committee at the national level. This revolutionary legislation in Israel officially recognizes women’s unique and critical contributions to policy-making and positions gender status as crucial to all issues. This fundamental legal change was a by-product of SCR 1325.

And now, as 2012 begins, it is once again up to Israeli citizens to increase awareness to the importance of the integration of women and to make sure that these laws are implemented. Well done!!

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