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Without a Revolution there can be no Spring

Without a Revolution there can be no Spring
3rd April 2012 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

There is no debate that the Syrian regime has abused and violated human rights and civil liberties over the past forty years; however, this fact must not be used as a justification for members of the Syrian opposition to take upon themselves the task of torturing and killing people affiliated to the Assad regime.  It is unacceptable not only because of the immoral nature of such acts but also because it is the biggest potential threat to a promising future for Syria, and more so to the success of the revolution.

The people of Egypt, Libya and Iraq have woken up -in the aftermath of their revolutions – to sectarian divides, threatened minorities and assassinations, so Syria and other Arab nations need to comprehend that a real revolution is not one against the regime but one against culture of totalitarianism. Toppling oppressive regimes is only the first step towards liberty. If this isn’t the case then the blood of martyrs has been wasted and we are just making way for a new dictator.

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