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News Summary: July 16 – 20

News Summary: July 16 – 20
20th July 2012 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

Rumours are still circulating about who was responsible for the bombing of Israeli tourists at Bulgaria’s international airport. Israel has publically condemned both Iran and Hezbollah. Meanwhile some there is still confusion about the identity of the bomber after Bulgarian authorities released CCTV footage of a suspect.

In the wake of the deadly Damascus bombings -that killed four Syrian government officials and ministers – rebels have today seized control of border posts and parts of Damascus. The United Nations Security Council failed to pass a resolution for a third time since the uprising began last February as Russia and China both used their veto. Fears increased in some circles that the regime would now be tempted to use their stockpile of chemical weapons on the Syrian people.

Kadima has left the governing coalition in Israel – despite only joining in May – over the failure to reach an agreement on the amended conscription law. This once again raises the question over the strength of the coalition and whether an early election will be called.

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