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First Conference [Documents & Downloads]

First Conference [Documents & Downloads]
15th October 2012 ICSR Team
In Documents and Downloads


1. Conference Agenda. Download ↓ [PDF]

Media Coverage

1. The Times of India: Britain finally drops “war on terror”. Download ↓ [PDF]

2. The First Post: Government opens new front on terror. Download ↓ [PDF]

3. TODAY (Singapore): They are criminals, say UK ministers. Download ↓ [PDF]

4. Birmingham Post: Crackdown on websites promoting extremism. Download ↓ [PDF]

5. The Daily Telegraph: Smith seeking to ban websites that promote jihad. Download ↓ [PDF]

6. Guardian: Government targets extremist websites. Download ↓ [PDF]

7. Financial Times: Smith vows to supress terrorist websites. Download ↓ [PDF]

8. Open Democracy: UK internet crackdown. Download ↓ [PDF]

9. Press Association: UK bid to shut extremist websites. Download ↓ [PDF]

10. Associated Press of Pakistan: UK plans to tackle radicalisation and terrorism. Download ↓ [PDF]

11. The Jerusalem Post: ‘Consider public security when freeing hostages’. Download ↓ [PDF]


1. Keynote address by Jacqui Smith Download, UK Home Secretary. Download ↓ [PDF]

2. Keynote address by Mary Robinson, Former President of Ireland. Download ↓ [PDF]

3. Keynote address by Francisco Santos Calderon, Vice President of Colombia. Download ↓ [PDF]

4. Keynote address by Terry Davis, Secretary General of the Council of Europe. Download ↓ [PDF]


1. Keynote address by Jacqui Smith, UK Home Secretary. Download ↓ [PDF]

2. Panel – Responding to Political Violence: How Should States Counter to Terrorism?. Download ↓ [PDF]

3. Keynote addresses by Terry Davis and Mary Robinson, Secretary General of the Council of Europe and Former President of Ireland. Download ↓ [PDF]

4. Keynote address by Francisco Santos Calderon, Vice President of Colombia. Download ↓ [PDF]

5. Working Group Conclusions – Addressing Radicalisation and Political Violence. Download ↓ [PDF]

6. Keynote address by Chuck Hagel, United States Senator. Download ↓ [PDF]

7. Panel – Pathways into Radicalisation: Why do People Become Radicals?. Download ↓ [PDF]

8. Panel – Engaging with Radicals: Do Negotiations Work?. Download ↓ [PDF]

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