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Jordan Ministry of Energy: A Good Example for Reduced Bureaucracy

Jordan Ministry of Energy: A Good Example for Reduced Bureaucracy
19th February 2013 ICSR Team
In M!ddle Easterners

I was happily surprised by the efficiency of Jordan’s Ministry of Energy when I went to ask a few questions about the newly passed renewable energy law the other day. Merely five minutes after I had arrived, I was escorted to meet the head of the renewable energies studies section, who was very friendly and welcomed all my questions. I actually had anticipated to spend at least one hour getting from one office to another before I reached the right person. Of course, one hopes that e-government will become the normal mode of operation in the Middle East, where I would find the answers to my questions on the ministry’s website or submit inquiries. While the Electricity Regulatory Commission’s website does support online inquiries, I am not sure I trust that I will get an answer back within a reasonable period of time.

Although not perfect, such reduced bureaucracy in government offices is definitely needed to increase people’s confidence in Jordan’s government performance. It is also a good indication of quality control and fighting corruption. One that all other government offices should aspire to follow in the Middle East.

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