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ICSR Paper Launch – Trends in Young Leadership in Israel-Palestine

ICSR Paper Launch – Trends in Young Leadership in Israel-Palestine
23rd May 2013 ICSR Team
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Two paper presentations by:

• Ayed Ahmad, Palestinian Atkin Fellow. Project Manager at the Palestinian Peace Coalition – Geneva Initiative. Ayed focuses on enhancing moderate voices in Palestinian society and educating Palestinian youth. His background is in english literature.

• Talia Gorodess, Israeli Atkin Fellow. Director of Socio-Economic Development at the Reut Institute, Tel Aviv. Talia was a prominent activist in the social protests of Summer 2011, she has subsequently joined the Social Guard in the Knesset and the Shalanoo Cooperative. She has formerly held positions with the Hudson Institute and PIRG, both in Washington DC.

Ayed’s paper examines the attitudes of young Palestinians towards their leadership, political participation and current social changes. The paper highlights the various cultural and political reasons that have resulted in Palestinian youth becoming less willing to engage in politics and decision-making processes.

Talia’s paper sheds light on the Israeli social uprisings of 2011, arguing that in order to come a full circle, the Israeli social justice community must also attend to the Palestinian issue. The paper offers guidelines for greater collaboration between the social justice community and peace camp.

This event will take place on Wednesday, 29 May 2013. For more information or to attend please contact