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ICSR Director Commissioned to Edit Major Works Collection on Radicalisation

ICSR Director Commissioned to Edit Major Works Collection on Radicalisation
25th February 2014 ICSR Team
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By ICSR Staff

We are pleased to announce that the academic publisher Routledge has commissioned ICSR Director Professor Peter Neumann to edit its forthcoming Major Works Collection on radicalisation.

Major Works Collections are sets of books which bring together the most important texts in an academic field. They define what should be seen as top research and establish directions for future studies.

The Major Works Collection on radicalisation will consist of four volumes dealing with “Models and Theories”, “Issues and Debates”, “Groups and Places”, and “De-radicalisation”. It will be published in 2015.

ICSR Leads Scholarship

The Major Works Collection is recognition of ICSR’s deep commitment to facilitating first class scholarship.

When ICSR was founded in early 2008, the main ambition was to apply rigorous research to the “real world” challenges of radicalisation and political violence. ICSR is widely known today for its groundbreaking work on prison and online radicalisation, counter-radicalisation, negotiations with terrorists, and — most recently — the role of Western foreign fighters in the Syrian conflict.

Less well known — but equally important — is ICSR’s commitment to promoting scholarship. Over the course of six years, ICSR has given a platform to hundreds of academics, facilitated dozens of projects, and played a leading role in making the field of radicalisation research more coherent and rigorous. Among ICSR’s most recent contributions is the first comprehensive assessment of the quality and rigour of radicalisation research, and a landmark article on key concepts and ideas.

In years to come, ICSR will remain committed to its core mission of promoting first class research, educating the public, and helping practitioners make policy based on sound assumptions and solid evidence.

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