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ICSR Paper Launch: Israel and Palestine: Looking Forward

ICSR Paper Launch: Israel and Palestine: Looking Forward
2nd June 2014 ICSR Team
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Two paper presentations by:

· Mohammed Adbalfatah, Palestinian Atkin Fellow. Director of International Cooperation, City of Gaza. Mohammed is responsible for establishing and promoting relations between Gaza City and foreign cities and maintaining an extensive range of contacts with donor agencies and international organizations.

· Eyal Brindt Shavit, Israeli Atkin Fellow. Founder and Chairman, EduAction Forum. Through this Forum Eyal aims to bring about social change by educational entrepreneurship. Eyal previously worked at Haaretz, first as a journalist and editor and then as Marketing Director.

Mohammed has firsthand experience of the abnormal situation that the people of Gaza have faced under different political realities. His paper addresses these issues so that a more workable policy can be created to deal with the Gaza Strip so that its population are able to reach their full potential and be an asset to the region, rather than a security problem.

Eyal’s paper is focused on how the role of education can solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, with a focus on creating successful co-existence. Through researching both Israeli and Palestinian history textbooks Eyal offers a unique perspective on how a change in curriculum could bring about lasting peace and trust on both sides.

When: Wednesday, 4 June

Moderated by: Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Head of Research and Information, ICSR

For more information or to attend please email