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10 Benchmarks for a Comprehensive Response to Violent Extremism

10 Benchmarks for a Comprehensive Response to Violent Extremism
28th October 2015 ICSR Team
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Thought Leadership from Towards a Global Consensus – Stop Violent Extremism!

A Global Policy Dialogue co-organised by the Club de Madrid (CdM) and the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation (ICSR)

We urge:

(1) All leaders to have a genuine commitment to open and accountable government, and respecting the rights of minorities.


(2) Political leaders to ensure that every individual, group and community has equal access to opportunity.


(3) Religious leaders to serve as role models and engage with disenfranchised youth.


(4) Educators to promote meaningful employment, human wellbeing, the empowerment of women, as well as tolerance and pluralism.


(5) Governments, civil society and the private sector to adopt online strategies that encourage free expression while challenging extremist ideologies.


(6) Governments to introduce well funded national prevention strategies and collaborate internationally.


(7) All leaders to renew their commitment to conflict resolution.


(8) All leaders to engage in genuine regional dialogue and cooperation.


(9) Political leaders to make sure that security measures are lawful, balanced, and foster peaceful and cohesive societies in the long-term.


(10) All leaders to act with courage and credibility, and practise what they preach.


Madrid, 28th October 2015

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