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Dr. Gina Vale

Dr. Gina Vale

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Gina Vale is a Senior Research Fellow at ICSR and an Associate Fellow at M&C Saatchi World Services, specialising in gender-sensitive analysis of terrorism and extremist violence. Her doctoral research examined the impact of Islamic State’s governance and state-building activities on local Sunni Muslim and Yazidi women in Iraq and Syria. She has academic and professional experience in Europe, the Middle East, and Sub-Saharan Africa, and has conducted extensive fieldwork in internally displaced persons camps in Northern Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan.

Gina studies and consults on issues such as women and minors’ (de)radicalisation; female- and minor-focused propaganda; and the roles of female and underage extremists and combatants. Her research has been published by Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, Small Wars & Insurgencies, CTC Sentinel, and Conflict, Security & Development, among others.

She completed a PhD in War Studies at King’s College London, and holds an MA in Terrorism, Security and Society with Distinction from King’s College London, and a BA (Hons) in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Cambridge.

You can reach Gina at: [email protected]

Selected Publications:

  • ‘Defying Rules. Defying Gender?: Women’s Resistance to Islamic State,’ Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 2020. Advance online publication; available here
  • ‘Liberated, Not Free: Yazidi Women After Islamic State Captivity’, Small Wars & Insurgencies, 31(3) 2020: 511-539; available here
  • ‘Local Voices Against Violence: Women Challenging Extremism in Iraq and Syria’, Conflict, Security & Development 20(2) 2020: 247-271 (with Alia Al-Kadi); available here
  • ‘The Yazidi Genocide: We Are Listening,’ (London: GNET, 2020); available here
  • ‘Piety is in the Eye of the Bureaucrat: The Islamic State’s Strategy of Civilian Control,’ CTC Sentinel 13(1) 2020: 34-40; available here
  • ‘A Minor Issue? Trajectories of Islamic State’s Underage Members,’ in D. Martin Jones et al. (eds.), Handbook of Terrorism and Counter Terrorism Post 9/11, (Cheltenham: E. Elgar, 2019): 160-176; available here
  • ‘Women in Islamic State: From Caliphate to Camps’, (The Hague: ICCT, 2019); available here
  • ‘From Daesh to “Diaspora” II: The Challenges Posed by Women and Minors After the Fall of the Caliphate’, CTC Sentinel 12(6) 2019: 30-45 (with Joana Cook); available here
  • ‘From Daesh to ‘Diaspora’: Tracing the Women and Minors of Islamic State’ (London: ICSR, 2018) (with Joana Cook); available here
  • ‘Cubs in the Lions’ Den: Indoctrination and Recruitment of Children Within Islamic State Territory’ (London: ICSR, 2018); available here

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