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Inga Kristina Trauthig

Inga Kristina Trauthig

Research Fellow

Inga Kristina Trauthig is a Research Fellow at ICSR and a PhD candidate at the War Studies Department at King’s College London. Her research examines ideological adaptations and governance in contentious environments and conflict zones, with a focus on Libya.

Inga is also an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), Fellow of the Candid Foundation, Member of the Standing Expert Committee Terrorism and Interior Security of the Konrad-Adenauer- Foundation (KAS), and part of the extended board of Women and International Security (WIIS) in Germany. She has had work published by The Conversation, the United States Institute of Peace (USIP), the British Journal for Middle Eastern Studies, and contributed book chapters for Routledge and Bloomsbury, among others.

She holds an MLitt in Middle East, Caucasus and Central Asian Security Studies from the University of St Andrews and attended the University of Wuerzburg and the University of Texas at Austin for her undergraduate studies. The German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRIMES) and the Conflict Research Society (CRS) have supported her studies.


  • ‘Islamic State in Libya: From Force to Farce?’ (London: ICSR, 2020); available here.
  • ICSR Insight: ‘Haftar’s Calculus for Libya: What Happened, and What is Next?’ (London: ICSR, 2019); available here.
  • ‘Ghosts of the Past: The Muslim Brotherhood and its Struggle for Legitimacy in post‑Qaddafi Libya’ (London: ICSR, 2019); available here.
  • ‘Libyan Elections in 2018: A Potentially Ruinous Endeavour’ (London: ICSR, 2018); available here.

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