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Posts tagged with ‘AQAP’

  • Aug302013

    BBC News: Extradition trial underway for AQ suspect

    ICSR’s Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens spoke to BBC London News last night about Minh Pham, a UK resident who allegedly traveled to…

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  • Feb282012

    Is al-Qaeda Warming the Bench?

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  • Jul012011

    Newsblog: 27 June – 1 July

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  • May022011

    ICSR Insight – Jihadist Forums React to Osama bin Laden's Death

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  • Jan172011

    AQAP and the Jihadi Learning Curve

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  • Oct302010

    Instant Analysis: al-Qaeda Bomb Threat

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  • Oct142010

    Al-Qaeda's New Inspire Magazine

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  • Jan112010

    Interview on Yemen

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  • Dec292009

    The Christmas Day Plot and Al Qaeda in Yemen

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