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  • May042022

    Bringing Loyalist and Opposition Factions Together: The Prospects for Reconciliation in New Syria

    By Rahaf Aldoughli When Syria’s Bashar al-Assad was running for re-election in 2021, scenes of patriotic regime loyalists piercing their…

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  • Mar092022

    Conflict Trauma and Violence: How Can We Promote Peace?

    By Ted Barker, Shiraz Maher & Craig Larkin The past two decades have seen a slew of programmatic efforts aimed…

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  • Apr212021

    “Today it’s Chauvin, Tomorrow it’ll be Another White Man”: Far-Right Reactions to the Conviction of Derek Chauvin

    By Research Fellows Hannah Rose and Blyth Crawford You can also find the full text here. Content warning: this piece…

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  • Nov132020

    QAnon and the 2020 US Election: What Trump’s Loss Means for the pro-Trump Conspiracy

    By Research Fellow Blyth Crawford You can also find the full text here. Amid continuing turbulence surrounding the results of…

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  • Oct012020

    The Proud Boys

    By Research Fellow Blyth Crawford You can also find the full text here. Last night, during the first presidential debate…

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  • May232019

    Erdoğan and the Last Quest for the Greenmantle

    By Saud al-Sarhan, King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies You can also find the full text here. Following…

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  • Apr152019

    Haftar’s Calculus for Libya: What Happened, and What is Next?

    By Research Fellow Inga Kristina Trauthig You can also find the full text here. In recent days, a battle for…

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  • Oct262018

    Will the Safe Bet Deliver?

    By Research Fellow Inna Rudolf. Click here to read the full article, which was published in zenith. Branded as a compromise…

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  • Aug242018

    Joana Cook and Gina Vale’s Briefing at the United Nations Security Council

    On 23 August 2018, ICSR Fellows Joana Cook and Gina Vale were invited to present their latest report, ‘From Daesh…

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  • Jun012018

    Charlie Winter’s Address at the United Nations’ Open Meeting on Countering Terrorist Narratives

    Senior Research Fellow Charlie Winter delivered an address at the open meeting of the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee on countering terrorist narratives…

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