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LGBT advocacy and approaches to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict within the Israeli right wing political sphere


Thanks to the generosity of the Atkin Foundation, ICSR offers young leaders from Israel and the Arab world the opportunity to come to London for a period of four months, producing a research paper as the result of their work. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide young leaders from Israel and the Arab world with an opportunity to develop their ideas on how to further peace and understanding in the Middle East through research, debate and constructive dialogue in a neutral political environment.

Amnon Liebermann was the Israeli Atkin Fellow for Spring 2015. As a member of Israel-Beytenu since 2008, he has served as Senior Advisor to the Israeli Minister for Agriculture, prior to that he worked with the Minister for Tourism. Amnon immigrated to Israel, from the Former Soviet Union, at the age of 16. After graduating from a religious school, he joined Tel Aviv University and completed a BA in Middle Eastern Studies. He has just concluded his MA in Legal Studies from Bar Ilan University.

As the issue of LGBT rights is now very much mainstream in Israeli discourse, Amnon has focused his research on this. Specifically how once right wing parties adopt this to their agenda their positions on the Israel-Palestine issue soften too.

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