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ICSR Report Launch – From Battlefield to Ballot Box: Contextualising the Rise of Iraq’s Popular Mobilisation Units



  • Sir John Jenkins KCMG LVO
  • Inna Rudolf, ICSR

Chair: Dr Shiraz Maher, ICSR
Where: King’s College London
When: Wednesday May 30th, 1-2pm

The Iraqi elections on 12 May brought a new cast of characters to the forefront of the country’s complex political landscape. The so-called ‘firebrand’ cleric Muatada al-Sadr has emerged as a powerful broker, whilst elements of the popular mobilisation units (PMUs) transitioned from the battlefield to the ballot box.

This event provided some analysis of the elections and contextualised these developments within the broader framework of Iraqi politics. Expert analysis was provided by Sir John Jenkins, former British Ambassador to Iraq, and ICSR Research Fellow Inna Rudolf, who had just returned from Iraq.