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10 Years After Bali: Extremism and Terrorism in Indonesia

10 Years After Bali: Extremism and Terrorism in Indonesia
30th October 2012 ICSR Team
In Seminars

On 30 October Professor Greg Barton of Monash University’s Centre for Islam andthe Modern World spoke at ICSR on the topic of extremism and terrorism in Indonesia.

Professor Barton has extensive experience in a wide range of levels in engaging with Muslim community groups in Australia and in contributing to dialogue initiatives across communities. He has particular expertise on Islam, social movements and civil society groups in Indonesia, and in Southeast Asia. Over the past three years, as part of the Monash GTReC ARC Linkage project on radicalisation and counter-radicalisation, Greg has researched CVE initiatives in Southeast Asia and analysed them within a global comparative context.

To listen to the talk in full, please see below.


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