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Countering Radicalization in Europe

Countering Radicalization in Europe
12th December 2012 ICSR Team
In Reports

Since the mid-2000s, European countries have developed counter-radicalisation strategies, seeking to de-radicalize committed militants and preventing the radicalization of vulnerable populations. What do these strategies entail? Where do they differ, and what do they have in common? How successful have they been?

Based on extensive fieldwork in Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway, ICSR’s latest report – Countering Radicalization in Europe – describes the genesis, main characteristics, aims, underlying philosophies and challenges experienced by counter-radicalization policies in Europe.

Authored by ICSR Associate Fellows Lorenzo Vidino and James Brandon, Countering Radicalization in Europe is the most comprehensive and systematic report to date about counter-radicalization policy and practice. It sums up the experiences of four European countries, outlines key challenges and areas of convergence, and describes the lessons that have been learned in this new area of policymaking.

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