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ICSR Event – A Bottom Up Approach to Peace in the Middle East

ICSR Event – A Bottom Up Approach to Peace in the Middle East
29th January 2015 ICSR Team
In Events, Seminars

Two paper presentations by:

Nieme Ayoub, Israeli Atkin Fellow.
Nieme is an Arab Israeli citizen from Nazareth who worked as the head of the Arab sector at the Manufacturers Association of Israel (MAI). Nieme’s role was centred on supporting Arab manufacturers through their ongoing challenges and promoting the integration of the Arab sector within the Israeli economy.

Dawoud Zahran, Palestinian Atkin Fellow.
While being a resident of Ramallah, Dawoud is a Bachelor student at Tel Aviv University majoring in Middle Eastern Studies, minoring in Israel and Jewish Studies. Dawoud has been an effective member of multiple institutions and leadership and development summits in Palestine and internationally, among them, Amideast and the Moshe Dayan Center.

Nieme’s experience, beliefs, and vision as an Arab Israeli citizen has made him determined that something must be done to change the political situation. They have led him to realize the importance of exploring the idea of promoting peace through economic growth and business ties – believing that in the long run, it is economics that determines the fates of nations and it is economics that determines the way in which nations interact.

By reflecting on the elements of the past, present and future of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Dawoud’s research paper uses his first-hand experience of travelling into Israel on a daily basis and meeting with Israelis to argue that a solution can only arise from a positive change in the way people on both sides view one another.

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