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The King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue Research Papers 2017

The King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue Research Papers 2017
24th July 2017 ICSR Team

As the King’s Programme for Middle East Dialogue concludes for this academic year ICSR is pleased to publish the research papers of 2017 Fellows.

Disillusionment, Meytal Vainstub

Article 15 of the Civil Service Law (Appointments) 1959 – Have we reached the inheritance?John Hanna Bitar

Analysis of Current Israeli and Palestinian Public Opinion Regarding the Two-State Solution, David Reis

The Imbalance of Empathy in the Israeli–Palestinian Conflict Reflections from the (Simulated) Negotiating Table, Dan Zafrir

Before Statehood: The Case for a Palestinian Civil Rights Movement, Ala Hamamreh

Israel’s Doctrinal Thinking and Palestinian Statehood, Addie Awwad

Whilst Fellows at King’s College London they had the opportunity to critically examine both their own personal histories and that of their own societies in order to have a clear understanding of the historical context and current realities faced by their own people.

Our experience and our narrative shapes what we believe, how we live our lives and act in our world. Yet this is something so many of us take for granted, having listened to personal family stories, school curriculums, political discourse and local media outlets. Our personal narrative also gives meaning and context to our lives – and yet it is so often the case that people are not in possession of all the perspectives that are needed in order to be effective leaders in their societies. It is a rare occurrence for people to have the time and space to academically research and critically examine where they come from and what their people have been through. This programme has provided these six young leaders the opportunity to do just that. With a deeper understanding of themselves, and the history and context of the conflict, they can then go on to have a deeper understanding of the problems they face in their own society, as well as the realities faced by the other side.

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