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“One Struggle”: Examining Narrative Syncretism between Accelerationists and Salafi‑Jihadists

“One Struggle”: Examining Narrative Syncretism between Accelerationists and Salafi‑Jihadists
26th January 2022 ICSR Team
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This report looks at the evolving narrative and aesthetic convergence between elements of neo‑fascist accelerationists and salafi‑jihadists. We argue that while extremism research generally takes seriously a movement’s ideological rigidity, there are interesting developments happening on the fringes of some of these groups that warrants academic and policy interest. These ecosystems and the networks they contain are not less serious or severe than the more centralised movements of the past and they present new opportunities for threat actors to influence one another through cohabitation of digital environments. This does not demonstrate weakened ideological commitment, but instead an enhanced focus on results over practice.

Key Findings

  • Both of these movements find common cause in their support for natural hierarchy, racial and cultural supremacy, traditional family, antisemitism, anti‑modernism and anti‑government sentiment.
  • Accelerationist movements look to salafi‑jihadists with admiration and a strong desire to emulate them. Successful Islamic militant groups are evidence that an unrelenting focus on ultimate goals, an emphasis on tradition and culture, and battlefield patience could eventually bring about a victory against Western governments.

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